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Five Questions with Natalie Jose

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Natalie Jose takes time this week out of her extremely busy schedule of stand-up comedy and singing in a Meatloaf cover band to join us at Wiggle Room. Check Natalie out on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter.

WR: You tweet a lot about being, shall we say, broke ass.  How do you measure comedy success?

NatalieJoseNJ: Comedy success is a show-to-show feeling and nothing more. This is what is so annoying about doing stand-up!  One terrible set can set you back so far you can’t even remember when you ever had a good set.  One incredible show and you become delusional about your talent. So I’ll say when I’m having more good shows than bad shows and having fun then I can feel some sense of success. When someone approaches me after a show and tells me how funny I am or how much they relate then I feel successful.  Success is knowing that other people are suffering too.  Wait, I changed my mind, I have a serious answer.  If I can make a living off this, I will consider myself successful.

WR: Meatloaf, huh?  Explain yourself, Missy.

NJ: Meatbute: the band that needs some explanation.  I couldn’t agree more.  I was with some friends at the Whistler (name drop much?) and they were talking about starting a Meatloaf cover band and I chimed in, “oh do you need someone to be the ‘hose me down with holy water’ chick?”  and that’s how you join a band….knowing a few lines from that one song that played nonstop with the music video where Meatloaf has an ugly face and there are lots of billowy drapes and a sexy lace-up bodysuit.  And I have to say, the band is actually incredible.  Everyone’s got the musical chops and these songs are epic as fuck.  Also, we are more of a Jim Steinman cover band. Jim Steinman wrote Bat out of Hell and Bat out of Hell II.  He also wrote “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which I get to sing lead on.  It’s just a really good time in a pretty silly way.  Also, Paradise by the Dashboard light is incredible and all these songs are about getting laid, something we should all be striving for.

WR:  What topics are off limits for you on stage?

NJ: Backgammon.  And racial slurs (boring!)

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

NJ: My first boyfriend’s name was Morgan and I called him Morgasm but that’s just obvious.  I like the term “poopsicle.”  I think it has a nice ring to it.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

NJ: I get “selfish” a lot.  Which, I get.  But also, I have some issues with being called selfish.  Stand-up is an art form entirely about me.  Self-obsessed…I guess I must be.  But selfish?  I’m an organ donor, you know?  Though I think these organs are HIGHLY unusable.  I’m hoping to get me some new organs from someone else real soon so I can keep this party going.



Author: frankyvivid

Franky Vivid is a poet and burlesque producer from Los Angeles. He is married to burlesque star Michelle L’amour, with whom he co-founded the international literary salon Naked Girls Reading in 2009. For four years he was the curator of the Everleigh Social Club in Chicago, an experiment in using Cyprianism to inform the operation of a private arts club. Vivid is a Freemasonic Knight Templar and founder of Paradise Garden #7. For more on Cyprianism and a continuing discussion about elements of The Seed and its underlying Philosophy and Practice, visit him at

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