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All I Want For Christmas

Join Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets for their annual Holiday Show, “All I Want For Christmas” on December 6th at the Mayne Stage.  YOU CHOOSE THE SHOW: vote for the stripteases you want to see and then let the ladies unwrap their gifts for you.



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Five Questions with Natalie Jose

Natalie Jose takes time this week out of her extremely busy schedule of stand-up comedy and singing in a Meatloaf cover band to join us at Wiggle Room. Check Natalie out on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter.

WR: You tweet a lot about being, shall we say, broke ass.  How do you measure comedy success?

NatalieJoseNJ: Comedy success is a show-to-show feeling and nothing more. This is what is so annoying about doing stand-up!  One terrible set can set you back so far you can’t even remember when you ever had a good set.  One incredible show and you become delusional about your talent. So I’ll say when I’m having more good shows than bad shows and having fun then I can feel some sense of success. When someone approaches me after a show and tells me how funny I am or how much they relate then I feel successful.  Success is knowing that other people are suffering too.  Wait, I changed my mind, I have a serious answer.  If I can make a living off this, I will consider myself successful.

WR: Meatloaf, huh?  Explain yourself, Missy.

NJ: Meatbute: the band that needs some explanation.  I couldn’t agree more.  I was with some friends at the Whistler (name drop much?) and they were talking about starting a Meatloaf cover band and I chimed in, “oh do you need someone to be the ‘hose me down with holy water’ chick?”  and that’s how you join a band….knowing a few lines from that one song that played nonstop with the music video where Meatloaf has an ugly face and there are lots of billowy drapes and a sexy lace-up bodysuit.  And I have to say, the band is actually incredible.  Everyone’s got the musical chops and these songs are epic as fuck.  Also, we are more of a Jim Steinman cover band. Jim Steinman wrote Bat out of Hell and Bat out of Hell II.  He also wrote “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which I get to sing lead on.  It’s just a really good time in a pretty silly way.  Also, Paradise by the Dashboard light is incredible and all these songs are about getting laid, something we should all be striving for.

WR:  What topics are off limits for you on stage?

NJ: Backgammon.  And racial slurs (boring!)

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

NJ: My first boyfriend’s name was Morgan and I called him Morgasm but that’s just obvious.  I like the term “poopsicle.”  I think it has a nice ring to it.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

NJ: I get “selfish” a lot.  Which, I get.  But also, I have some issues with being called selfish.  Stand-up is an art form entirely about me.  Self-obsessed…I guess I must be.  But selfish?  I’m an organ donor, you know?  Though I think these organs are HIGHLY unusable.  I’m hoping to get me some new organs from someone else real soon so I can keep this party going.



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Marty Derosa, the Comedy Sammy Sosa!  This week we chat for a minute with a multi-talented comic who headlines Wiggle Room this week.  Marty Derosa is a monster of Chicago stand up and also hosts his own popular podcast.  Check it out at WRESTLING WITH DEPRESSION and Follow him on Twitter.

WR: You’ve been called the King of Chicago Crowd Work.  What edicts would you like put forth in that station?

MartyDeRosaMD: As King, I feel it’s only right that I get a crown. I’d take it off to perform because I’m not a maniac. Also, I’d like to have a throne w/ handles and be carried to the stage not unlike “Macho King” Randy Savage.

WR: What do wrestling and stand up comedy have in common?

MD:  Wrestling & comedy are very similar in the fact that we are out there without a net. We are doing what we sort of planned on but if the crowd isn’t into it or they are super into something we can go that direction. A play or a storyteller can’t do that. We also rely on the crowd to tell us what our next move is. We also sell t-shirts after shows for gas money.

WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?

I think you can joke about anything you want if it’s funny. The problem with that is you have to try it to see if it’s funny. If it isn’t, as in my case, I just move along. I don’t blame the crowd. What I think is funny & what someone else does is very different. I respect that. I think they are nerds, but I respect that.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

The cutest name was Sparkle Princess. She was but like most sparkle princesses she had to return to her kingdom (aka her parents house in another state) and get on medication.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

Farty Marty. Unfortunately, it was very accurate.



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Liza Treyger joins us on this week’s “Five Questions”.  She’s headlining Wiggle Room this week, so come check her out!


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Wiggle Room: Five Questions with C.J. Sullivan

C.J. Sullivan was one of the first comics we had in a show years ago called “Lipshtick” which transmutated over the years to Wiggle Room. According to, C.J. has written for Robert Smigel and appeared on Comedy Central’s Mash-Up. Check C.J. out at The Visitor’s Locker Room and Follow him on Twitter.

WR: In one word, describe your views on the Robin/Miley media frenzy?

CJ: I think Miley shouldn’t be doing this to her poor father. He has a very serious achy breaky heart condition.

WR: Tell us about Visitor’s Locker Room?

CJ: VLR is the pod father of podcasts. Sick and dying.

WR:  What topics are off limits for you on stage?

CJ: Eskimo habitats is a topic that I feel is beyond my limit.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

CJ: Under Siege.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

CJ: Sargent Sandusky. It’s not accurate , because I’m a General.



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Wiggle Room: Five Questions with Drew Michael

Since opening night is THIS WEEK (Sept 13th), we’re starting a new series to feature the comics that rock this show.  Our first feature is with Drew Michael who headlines this week.  Check Drew out at DREW MICHAEL COMEDY and Follow him on Twitter.

WR: Watching you always rides the line between “funniest thing I’ve ever heard” and “o.k. everyone out of the pool”. Do you think it’s important to keep people uncomfortable?

DM: I AM UNCOMFORTABLE! That is my real daily homeostatic position: discomfort. So, yeah, some of that is going to bleed into the act.

I’m not trying to make people uncomfortable; I’m really just trying to make sense of this whole “existing” thing, as we all are, and my act is basically a highlight reel of my own exploration. I’m inherently curious and somewhat hardened and desensitized to painful or “taboo” subjects, so perhaps my mind wanders there a bit more freely than most people’s would. That might make people uncomfortable because they’re not as familiar with that side of the mind. But I know I am not special, so if that dark spot or weird thought is in me — in any of us — then it’s in all of us, somewhere.

That’s what laughter is, yes? The surprise of learning that something is inside of us we did not know was there.

The goal is to always be MORE comfortable, not less, even if the process of getting there is itself uncomfortable.

WR: Who do you admire most?

DM: Anyone who is, in an honest way, truly comfortable with him/herself and his/her place in his/her environment.

(By the way, I hate that we have to refer to a generic “someone” as him/her, rather than just agree to use one grammatical gender when it’s an unknown. See? Look at me. NOT COMFORTABLE!)

WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?

The only thing I will not talk about are personal stories that are not mine. For example, if a friend or girlfriend or family member has a personal issue, even though it becomes a part of me because I am close to him/her (there it is again!) and I am affected by it, I will usually not talk about it because they did not ask to be in the public sphere.

I’ll put my own shit out there without thinking twice. For example, I have a bit about stalking an ex girlfriend and how she got a restraining order against me. I never reveal one detail about her, other than that she was dating me at some point. That’s out of respect of her privacy and space, which is hilarious coming from the same person who sent her 400 unanswered text messages and Saran-wrapped her car.

I don’t see any topic as “off limits”. It’s all on the table. No matter how fucked up. It has to be. I think restriction and restraint is comedy — and thinking — death. This includes when people say a topic is “hack.” That’s restricting. Why is it hack to talk about masturbating or being on an airplane? Those are both things millions of people do every day, so why can’t we talk about it? The only thing that can be “hack,” really, is a perspective or angle, but that’s because reciting a trite viewpoint shows little to no creativity or honesty, the linchpins of artistic expression. It’s hack when you don’t inject your own personality into the subject. But that’s not the subject’s fault; it’s the artist’s.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

My current girlfriend might win the title for that one and I don’t think I can betray her, or myself, by telling you what it is. (See previous answer.)

I appreciate the journalism, however, in trying to conjure up flowery imagery to juxtapose my inherent blackened state. But, on the record, I get cuddly as fuck. Belie’e dat.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

A devaluing narcissist. My therapist said it, so it better be!



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Wiggle Room is BACK!

Wiggle Room is back and better than ever with riotously funny comics from the cream of the Chicago (and beyond) crop performing alongside the city’s sexiest burlesque dancers.

Michelle L’amour is bringing back the acclaimed show for a fourth season on September 13.  The show will run at 10pm Fridays at the Everleigh Social Club in Chicago.

Don’t miss host Adam Burke and Burlesque Hall of Famers Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets as they embark on another hilarious and arousing journey of stand-up comedy and burlesque.


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Press Release – Live NEW’D Girls


Contact: Franky Vivid


Michelle L’amour and Chicago Starlets debut brand new acts!

International Burlesque Superstar commemorates a decade of Valentine’s Day Shows at Park West

Coming straight off of her star turn with Dita Von Teese’s “Strip Strip Hurray”, Michelle L’amour presents the 3rd annual Live NEW’D Girls burlesque show to showcase ALL NEW acts.  Burlesque Hall of Famer, Michelle L’amour, debuted her special brand of sensuality in Chicago on February 14th, 2003.  A decade later, her commitment to sexy entertainment is going stronger than ever.  Join her and her Chicago Starlets (World’s Best Burlesque Group 2010) as they present all new, debut performances celebrating their decade of decadence.

L’amour’s new act is destined to be her most bombastic yet.  With a costume by Tedd Green and music by Franky Vivid, the production promises to rattle the house.

Live NEW’D Girls:

STARRING MICHELLE L’AMOUR AND THE CHICAGO STARLETS and hosted by comic Marty DeRosa will showcase brand new solo performances and never-before-seen group acts that show why this group is one of the best in the world..

It’s an unstoppable lineup of incredible striptease expertise. And it’s only in Chicago at the Mayne Stage Theater (1328 W Morse in Chicago).


Michelle L’amour’s “Live NEW’D Girls”

July 26th – TWO SHOWS 8:00 and 10:30pm

The Mayne Stage Theater, 1328 W Morse in Chicago

Tickets as low as $20

Tickets available at


If you would like more information about any of these events, or to schedule an interview with Michelle L’amour or any of the other cast members, please call Franky Vivid at 312/502.2579 or email at

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World Premiere NEXT FRIDAY!

Don’t miss the World Premiere of the act Michelle has referred to as “The Ritualistic Calling of the God of F**K”

Friday, July 26th Michelle L’amour and her world famous Chicago Starlets present a brand new show where every act has NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE! The girls have been toiling for months to put together world debuts including sexy solo acts and hot group numbers.

This Summer is heating up with a production unlike any other as world champion burlesque performers from right here in Chicago present tasty morsels of deliciousness they’ve been cooking all Spring. The line-up will include* Michelle L’amour, Delia Aces, Stella LaRocque, Honey Halfpint, Rhonda Vous, Dottie LaVie, Ivy Fabulous, Lady Ginger, Dorian Ames, Lily Bloom and Sophia Hart with group performances by the Chicago Starlets. And the whole thing is hosted by comic Marty DeRosa! You do not want to miss this show!

Tickets are as low as $20! CLICK HERE FOR INFO


Friday, July 26th – 8:00 and 10:30pm

Mayne Stage Theater -1328 Morse Ave, Chicago

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(chicago) Naked Girls Reading THIS FRIDAY!


Since Naked Girls Reading is OUR fantasy, we feel it’s our responsibility to also fulfill many of YOUR fantasies.  Last year, when Chicago debuted “HOT DISHES” – a Naked Girls Reading Cooking event – we got such a great response from all of you who have dreamed and fantasized about lovely ladies cooking delicious treats without any clothes on (the girls, not the treats).

That’s why we’re doing it again!  Yay!

Join us on June 28th in Chicago as the girls read from great culinary anecdotes.  They’ll also be cooking some fun bites for you to enjoy – all included in the ticket price.  Don’t miss the words of Anthony Bourdain as read by a naked Greta Layne, or Michelle L’amour doing her best Julia Childs impersonating, all while downing sweet and savory dishes cooked up by the girls themselves.  For a sneak peek – watch the video

June 28th at the Everleigh Social Club

Doors open at 6:30pm. Show starts promptly at 7pm. BYOB.

Get your Tickets HERE