The Lavender Cabaret

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Wiggle Room ROCKS!

Join us in June for 4 very special editions of Wiggle Room!

The first 3 weeks of June will be Wiggle Room ROCKS!The girls will be rockin’ your socks and their clothes off at the Everleigh Social Club on June 6, 13 and 20th. Don’t miss these rockin’ babes! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS

And then, on June 27th…
WIGGLE ROOM ALL STARS – June 27th at Joe’s (940 W Weed)

WIGGLEROOM-POSTER-JUNE2014We’ve put together a lineup of stand up comedy and burlesque that is so big, the Everleigh Social Club could not contain it. So we’re moving FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY to Joe’s Bar (940 W Weed Street in Chicago).

Comedians include:

Al Jackson – Los Angeles (Comedy Central, Dave Attell, “Last Comic Standing”, MTV)
Drew Michael – New York City (#1 iTunes Comedy Album, Aziz Ansari)
Brian Babylon – Chicago (Comedy Central, BBC, TBS, NPR)
and your host, Adam Burke – Chicago (Doug Loves Movies, Funny or Die, Just For Laughs)

Burlesque Dancers include:

Michelle L’amour – Chicago (Burlesque Hall of Fame 2005, America’s Got Talent)
Peekaboo Pointe – New York City (Celebrity Favorite, the Fast Tassel Twirler from East to West)
Gal Friday – New York City (The Five Alarm Fire)
The Chicago Starlets – Chicago (Burlesque Hall of Fame, World’s Best Group 2010)

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Michelle L’amour and Russell Bruner discuss their new duet at 21st Century Burlesque

21st Century Burlesque has a great story on Michelle L’amour and Russell Bruner and their brand new duet.  Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

And see the duet:

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Five Questions with Bill Cruz

Bill Cruz is a favorite at Wiggle Room.  He calls himself a Gay Bully and a flaming Broncos fan. His infectious comedy will have you screaming in your seats. Check Bill out on Facebook and Follow him on Twitter.

bill cruzWR: Your bio says you have “huggable likability”. What makes you huggable?

BC: 1. My smile 2. My eyes. 3. I am an excellent cuddler!

WR: You missed the Grammy’s.  Can you still call yourself a gay man?
BC: Please!? The Grammy’s barely count anymore, they might as well be the Kids Choice Awards. Plus, if its worth seeing… its on youtube.
WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?
BC: For me… not much… probably anything I have no idea what it is… like the Kardashians. I couldn’t pick one out of a line up.
WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?
BC: Your Honor!
WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

BC: “Not a Real Mexican” – not accurate. 1. “Real” is a subjective anD abstract concept. 2. I love menudo (the food). 3. Machismo was sooo last century.

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Big SEXY Show is Back for Valentine’s

Join us February 14 and 15 at City Winery in Chicago for our 12th annual Valentine’s Extravaganza, Big SEXY Show.BigSexyShow-Poster2014-sm

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Butthoven Nears 5m Views

With coverage in Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and Vice Magazine this week, Michelle L’amour’s “Butthoven” video is poised to break 5 million views in the next day or so.  Spread the love!

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All I Want For Christmas

Join Michelle L’amour and the Chicago Starlets for their annual Holiday Show, “All I Want For Christmas” on December 6th at the Mayne Stage.  YOU CHOOSE THE SHOW: vote for the stripteases you want to see and then let the ladies unwrap their gifts for you.



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Five Questions with Natalie Jose

Natalie Jose takes time this week out of her extremely busy schedule of stand-up comedy and singing in a Meatloaf cover band to join us at Wiggle Room. Check Natalie out on Facebook and Follow her on Twitter.

WR: You tweet a lot about being, shall we say, broke ass.  How do you measure comedy success?

NatalieJoseNJ: Comedy success is a show-to-show feeling and nothing more. This is what is so annoying about doing stand-up!  One terrible set can set you back so far you can’t even remember when you ever had a good set.  One incredible show and you become delusional about your talent. So I’ll say when I’m having more good shows than bad shows and having fun then I can feel some sense of success. When someone approaches me after a show and tells me how funny I am or how much they relate then I feel successful.  Success is knowing that other people are suffering too.  Wait, I changed my mind, I have a serious answer.  If I can make a living off this, I will consider myself successful.

WR: Meatloaf, huh?  Explain yourself, Missy.

NJ: Meatbute: the band that needs some explanation.  I couldn’t agree more.  I was with some friends at the Whistler (name drop much?) and they were talking about starting a Meatloaf cover band and I chimed in, “oh do you need someone to be the ‘hose me down with holy water’ chick?”  and that’s how you join a band….knowing a few lines from that one song that played nonstop with the music video where Meatloaf has an ugly face and there are lots of billowy drapes and a sexy lace-up bodysuit.  And I have to say, the band is actually incredible.  Everyone’s got the musical chops and these songs are epic as fuck.  Also, we are more of a Jim Steinman cover band. Jim Steinman wrote Bat out of Hell and Bat out of Hell II.  He also wrote “Total Eclipse of the Heart” which I get to sing lead on.  It’s just a really good time in a pretty silly way.  Also, Paradise by the Dashboard light is incredible and all these songs are about getting laid, something we should all be striving for.

WR:  What topics are off limits for you on stage?

NJ: Backgammon.  And racial slurs (boring!)

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

NJ: My first boyfriend’s name was Morgan and I called him Morgasm but that’s just obvious.  I like the term “poopsicle.”  I think it has a nice ring to it.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

NJ: I get “selfish” a lot.  Which, I get.  But also, I have some issues with being called selfish.  Stand-up is an art form entirely about me.  Self-obsessed…I guess I must be.  But selfish?  I’m an organ donor, you know?  Though I think these organs are HIGHLY unusable.  I’m hoping to get me some new organs from someone else real soon so I can keep this party going.



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Five Questions with Matty Ryan

Matty Ryan is a Wiggle Room favorite. Born and bred in Chicago, he’s desperately trying to keep from growing into an adult. Check Matty out on Facebook and Follow him n Twitter.

WR: You’re a nap enthusiast.  What was the best nap you ever had?

2MattyRyanMR: Hmm.  It’s too difficult for me to pinpoint a specific nap that reigns supreme, but I can accurately say which kind of nap is my favorite.  That would be when you wake up in the morning, check your phone, and then immediately take a nap.  Preferably without getting out of bed.

WR: The Chicago Reader called you (and Kenny DeForest) a “charming bro”?  Are you more charming or more bro?

MR: [Laughs] Yeah that was weird.  I was almost offended by the bro implication, but I know the author of the piece and knew it was in jest.  To answer your question, I would have to say all charm, no bro.  For the brahs: all C, no B.

WR:  What topics are off limits for you on stage?

MR: I don’t necessarily have any topics that are inherent no-no’s, but I generally stay away from things that could potentially marginalize a group of people; i.e gender, race, sexual orientation, etc.  Not that these subjects should be avoided or tiptoed around; material surrounding these topics can be incredibly funny, as long as said material is not hateful or purposefully and pointlessly offensive.  However, if the group in question is, say, racist hill-people, that’s a different story.  Those dudes are the worst.  Oh, I do have a joke about how Russians largely creep me out, but Liza Treyger gave me permission to talk about it.  She’s one of the good ones.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

MR: Oh jeez. Probably “Sweet, Sweet Bear.”  Or maybe “Snuggly Bear.”  Not sure which one’s worse.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

MR: There’s a lot to choose from in this department.  I’m going to go with “real piece of shit.”  When said with the proper inflection, it can be just about the worst.  And yes, it is abundantly accurate.



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Marty Derosa, the Comedy Sammy Sosa!  This week we chat for a minute with a multi-talented comic who headlines Wiggle Room this week.  Marty Derosa is a monster of Chicago stand up and also hosts his own popular podcast.  Check it out at WRESTLING WITH DEPRESSION and Follow him on Twitter.

WR: You’ve been called the King of Chicago Crowd Work.  What edicts would you like put forth in that station?

MartyDeRosaMD: As King, I feel it’s only right that I get a crown. I’d take it off to perform because I’m not a maniac. Also, I’d like to have a throne w/ handles and be carried to the stage not unlike “Macho King” Randy Savage.

WR: What do wrestling and stand up comedy have in common?

MD:  Wrestling & comedy are very similar in the fact that we are out there without a net. We are doing what we sort of planned on but if the crowd isn’t into it or they are super into something we can go that direction. A play or a storyteller can’t do that. We also rely on the crowd to tell us what our next move is. We also sell t-shirts after shows for gas money.

WR: What topics are off limits for you on stage?

I think you can joke about anything you want if it’s funny. The problem with that is you have to try it to see if it’s funny. If it isn’t, as in my case, I just move along. I don’t blame the crowd. What I think is funny & what someone else does is very different. I respect that. I think they are nerds, but I respect that.

WR: What’s the cutest name you’ve ever called a lover?

The cutest name was Sparkle Princess. She was but like most sparkle princesses she had to return to her kingdom (aka her parents house in another state) and get on medication.

WR: What’s the worst thing someone has called you? Was it accurate?

Farty Marty. Unfortunately, it was very accurate.



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Liza Treyger joins us on this week’s “Five Questions”.  She’s headlining Wiggle Room this week, so come check her out!